We have been in the wrapping and tinting industry  for over 18 years.


We are now equipped with the newest technology involving hydro-dipping.


M Power only uses 3M Wrap Film which offers unparalleled shades and finishes.


Cool down your car's interior and have the privacy of an executive.


Carbon Fiber makes everything look better.

Carbon fiber hydro dipping has an amazing way of making the ordinary look absolutely incredible. Take the mediocre dash in your automobile and give it life.
4D Gloss Carbon Fiber

Why not give your automobile some love with some super realistic dimensional carbon fiber weave.

Incredible Colors

All Carbon Fiber film has been designed to last well over 7 years and comes in a variety of vibrant colors to give you a distinct look.

Revive your car

We believe your car is your second home as we spend so much time in it. Treat your car like you treat yourself.

What are the benefits of
car vinyl wrap?

Protect your OEM paint

Add to the resell value of your car. When you remove, your paint is still in the same condition as on the day it was wrapped. The resale value increases for your flawless paint on your car.


Many of the styles can not be reproduced by paint.

Protect your car with paint protection film

Paint protection film – also known as a clear bra – is designed to protect your vehicle against the elements without changing the design features or color.



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